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Do you have coconut oil insurance with your purchases?

Virgin, pure, unrefined coconut oil - non hydrogenated
Pure white virgin coconut oil. This is different to refined (RBD) oil.

Coconut oil is becoming more popular

Coconut oil is becoming more popular. That means some parts of the country have coconut oil in the supermarkets. This is great way for people to start their coconut oil journey, but who will be there to stand behind them, and provide advice? Will the supermarket staff know the difference between a refined coconut oil that is heated to over 160 degrees Celsius, and pressurised under steam from a virgin oil extracted without heat, and pressure?

The buyers of coconut oil are becoming separated into two groups. The first group are those who will buy any coconut oil, after all, they say, Dr Fife says there is no need to worry, any coconut oil will do. (I’d love to know if really did say that, and where it is published in his books). But that is another topic for another day.

The second groups of buyers are those who know there is a difference between coconut oils, especially between fermented oil and unfermented oil.

Dr Siegfried Gursche Father of the Canadian Health Food Movement
Dr Siegfried Gursche Father of the Canadian Health Food Movement








Dr Siefried Gursche is considered the father of the health food movement in Canada. He makes a very sharp distinction between type of unfermented coconut oil. Dr Mary Enig, an international expert on oils, makes a distinction between fermented oil and unfermented oil.

Who do we serve?

People who try to please everyone often end up not really pleasing anyone at all! So we decided that we want to serve those who care about the quality of their oil. What makes us different in the New Zealand market place is that we specialise in the supply of virgin coconut oil because it is a complete product which requires no refining to deliver its life giving properties to those who eat it, oil pull with it, and use it on their skin or hair.

Every week, without fail, we get approached by people hoping to sell us some coconut oil. We have a special system to evaluating oil, so that you can buy oil from us with confidence. We select and reject our oil based on taste, type of processing, and bulk packaging being available. We have to deliver the bad news to many suppliers, that we can’t sell their oil, due to one or more reasons.

Why don’t we just select the cheapest oil and bring the price down for everyone?

Let me tell you about an email we got recently. It was from someone who states she nearly died from chemicals. She emailed, and later we had a telephone conversation. She is looking for oil that has absolutely no chemicals associated with it. We replied to the email, and we took the phone call and provided a range of oils which would satisfy her particular needs. That takes time, and it it costs us money. If we dealt in the cheapest oils, this person may call us back a third time, and this time to complain that what we gave her wasn’t up to her standards.

If that person rolled up to her local supermarket, chances are, there would be no one who knows the answers to her questions.

If she asked a supplier of just one brand, she may not get the answer she needs. Another person who made contact with our shop said they had asked two other outlets their questions about coconut oil. They said the other answers they received were nothing like ours.

If we got only the cheapest oil, we wouldn’t have what is best for that person who needed oil extracted with the least processing and handling.

RBD Coconut Oil: Refined in clay, can you see the yellow tinges?
RBD Coconut Oil: Refined in clay, can you see the yellow tinges?

We are doing all we can to reduce prices and stay in business

We’re doing all we can to reduce prices, but we can only do that the supplies, postage, and cost of doing business comes down. The coconut oil market is littered with “out of stock” and “long gone” suppliers. At the time of writing this post, there are two major New Zealand wholesale suppliers with in demand product out of stock, one for weeks, and one for months. We don’t want to be a supplier who has no oil because they have to wait until they sell nearly every last jar before they can afford to buy some more.

We know there are people out there who appreciate our work, and we do what we do for them. So come, join us, get on the mailing list, and let’s have a good coconut oil time. We guarantee your purchases. It’s a form of free coconut oil insurance!

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