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Allergies: It’s the season for allergies in New Zealand

Allergies: It’s the season for allergies in New Zealand – updated July 2014

Steam some coconut oil into nostrils to protect against allergies

Melt some coconut oil into hot water, and steam some into your nose, to line your nose with oil, and protect it from allergies – the article says.

Welcome to the Coconut Oil Wholesale Page
Welcome to Coconut Oil Shop Membership
We love to support those who feel our shop resonates with them. That’s why we created the resource page and membership areas. If someone in your home suffers from allergies, you’ll want to spend time on this site looking at our resources, including the membership area.We’ve created the following membership options:

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I can safely say Oil Pulling relieves nose allergy and common cold nose blockages

This article was first posted in October 2011, and since then I’ve experienced October in 2012, and 2013 as well. I’ve been using Oil Pulling more regularly since 2011, and it really unblocks your nose, especially in the morning. To find out more, you should consider getting a copy of our free Consumer Guide: Coconut Oil Basics. Alternatively, you could buy the book, Oil Pulling, by Dr Bruce Fife.

We also have a short Oil Pulling guide here (for those logged into Camp Coconut).

Daadi’s diary – from India

I found this facinating article, includes information on allergies, and talks about coconut oil. I haven’t tried to find the Indian goosberries in NZ, but I thought you’d be interested in the article anyway.

Here is the article.

Kind regards,

The Coconut Oil Team.

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The book, “Coconut Cures”, by Dr Bruce Fife
Here is an excerpt from the book.
Preventing and Treating Common Health Problems with Coconut
Discover the amazing health benefits of coconut oil, meat, milk, and water. In this book you will learn why coconut oil is considered the healthiest oil on earth and how it can protect you against heart disease, diabetes, and infectious illnesses such as influenza, herpes, Candida, and even HIV.

There is more to the healing power of coconut than just the oil. You will also learn about the amazing health benefits of coconut meat, milk, and water…

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