You’ve arrived at the Coconut Oil Shop site in New Zealand. Now what?

Start here with some directions about how the shop is laid out and a simple shop tour. What makes us different in the New Zealand market place is that we specialise in the supply of organic virgin coconut oil because it is a complete product which requires no refining to deliver its life giving properties to those who eat it, oil pull with it, and use it on their skin or hair. To make things simple choose from the description of which type of buyer/reader you are.


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I’m brand new to Coconut Oil and Coconut Products

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We recommend you start with the new beginner’s tour. We’ll send you straight to the “Oil Products” page. We’ll send you straight to the “Oil Products” page.
Save time, learn faster – beginner’s tour
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We decided that we want to serve those who care about the quality of their oil. We select and reject our oil based on taste, type of processing, and bulk packaging being available.

Virgin Coconut Oil | Start here to compare fermented oil with unfermented oil

Start here to compare fermented oil with unfermented oil

This photo shows 2 offerings from the beginner range. Both White Gold and Ancient Wisdom are available in 1 litre, and 3.25 litre bulk packaging. Bulk packaging is also available in 10 litre pails, and 20 litre pails as well.

How do you find products?

This is what the “Oil Products” index grid looks like. Below this image we’ll tell you how to read it for easy access.

Coconut Oil Shop | Bulk coconut oil delivered to you anywhere in NZ
The grid is divided into three columns.
The left column is mainly oils. They are divided into packaging size, or fermented / regular or brand.
The centre column is mainly solid coconut products. They are divided into type, or brands, for example “Gold Dust”.
The right column is a mixture of coconut derived liquids, and other items. Please note there is a skincare aisle in the left column as well as skincare brands in this right column.

Dr Joseph Mercola introduces Coconut Oil

These are some important points from this video by nutrition and natural health expert, Dr Joseph Mercola.

  • Virgin Coconut Oil helps your body to use any available Omega 6 and Omega 3 in your diet
  • Trans fats are bad. “Trans fats” are oil like olive oil which is normally liquid, but which has been treated to make it solid, like Olive Oil based food spreads, or margarine, etc
  • When choosing Coconut Oil, it is a good idea to choose a Coconut Oil with a natural scent (Virgin Coconut Oil always has a natural scent)

Coconut Oil frequently asked question 1 – where do you find the prices?

Products page. For prices, start here at the the products page. You’ll need to select a shopping aisle from the Oil Products page. Your shopping experience at this site is based on a series of clicks which help you narrow down to a product, and at that time you’ll see the price. 1 click to find the products page. Another click to select an aisle, and other click for adding to the shopping cart, or a different click to see more details on a product page.

Frequently asked question 2 – which is the best unadulterated form of coconut oil for consumption?

Quick guide, start here. You will find this quick guide helpful in answering this question for yourself. So here are the quick guide questions

The first consideration is do you want to buy bulk? Bulk means, 2 litres, 4 litres, 10 litres, etc. If so, start by clicking here for the bulk oil page.

If you are really new to coconut oil, go through this quick guide below. You’ll soon have the information to ask the right questions to get the answers you need.

  1. Do you want fermented oil, with the associated benefits of fermented food? If so, start by clicking here for the fermented coconut oil page. Take a look at the Ancient Wisdom Premium Coconut Oil.
  2. If the answer is “I don’t mind if I don’t have fermented”, then start with the unfermented coconut oil page. Take a look at White Gold.
  3. Take the “Which oil” mini course, available online, and every lesson is micro sized.

Frequently asked question 3 – what are the health benefits of fermented coconut oil?

In summary, fermented oil appears to us to be more potent, easier to absorb into the skin, and fermented food is considered by Weston A Price Foundation to be a traditional food, which requires less digestion.

All of our Virgin Coconut Oil is full of lauric acid, which is a key ingredient in human mother’s milk.

You can find out some more by clicking on this link. https://www.coconutoilshop.co.nz/fermented-or-not-fermented/

The Coconut Oil Shop layout is designed around single product pages

You may be expecting to see a page, with lots of product photos, and prices all in one place. We don’t do things quite like that here. This may seem difficult for some people who are used to seeing all the products for sale in one huge shopping page on the front of a website. But we know from experience, the system we use is more user friendly for repeat shoppers. We do things to make it easier for repeat shoppers, and those on our email list.

Let me tell you one way to find a product price.

  1. Go to the “Oil Products Page”.
  2. If you click on a product photo there, you will enter a shopping aisle.
  3. Once you in a shopping aisle, you can buy the product there, or click on a product photo and you’ll enter a product page.

Why aren’t the prices on the Oil Products Page? In a number of cases, the pricing is discounted for volume. When we had one long list of products, each with different prices for different amounts, people were confused by the list. So we got rid of the list, and put the pricing in a “drop down box” on the shopping aisle page, and the product specific pages.

How is this more friendly for repeat shoppers and those on the email list? Using our system you can locate an exact product by saving the page, and returning to that exact page. If all the products are on one page, you’d be searching for a long time! The same applies for our email list. We put links to specific products on the email, with links. The links take people to that exact product, and the link describes the product too!

Short Shop Tour – There are 3 type of pages here on the site

The 2 types of pages on this site are: information about the site pages, and the product pages.
About the information on the site pages:
The ‘home’ page, and this ‘start here’ page, ‘about us’ page, and ‘guarantee’ page are all information pages. They provide a background, answer frequently asked questions, and give you a sense of direction. The ‘shopping aisles‘ are on the Oil Products page. We also have secret shopping aisles for some of the links from the weekly email we send out.

About the coconut oil and food products pages:
Coconut Nectar Syrup 250 mlThe ‘Oil Products’ page is the main products directory, with the shopping aisles. Think of this online shop like a small country grocery store. The ‘oil products‘ page is like the entrance area of the shop, normally you’d start your shopping from there. You’ll find directions to the different aisles, on the Oil Products page . You’ll even find a link to books about coconut oil topics on that page.

So that was the shop tour. If you didn’t notice, each of the words underlined, like this ________, is a live link, except in the box below. Click on underlined words and you’ll go to that page.

Where do you start? Recommended page reading order

Sometimes you want to know where you ought to start reading.
The diagramme above has an underline under the type of pages we recommend you read, starting with the top left corner, and working your way down. We recommend you have a look at, and at least scroll through the following pages some time soon.

  • The home page
  • This page
  • Oil products page
  • The bulk range page
  • Specialty range page
  • Any combos on offer
  • The books
  • Skin care aisle
  • Coconut Water range

More frequently asked questions

At the risk of disappointing you, we have to confess there is no FAQ page – that is, there is no page for a collection of frequently asked questions. But we will answer one more frequently asked question below.

We currently handle questions in the comments section below each page. But there is one question, which you won’t want to search for a long time to answer. So let’s dive into it here.

How much coconut oil should I consume each day?

The short answer is 1-4 tablespoons a day is what Dr Fife, Mr Newport and Dr Mercola seem to generally agree about. We rely on their general guidelines, and also state this. The amount of coconut oil your body can cope with is the amount you should be guided by. Listen to your body, and start with 1 teaspoon per day.

Serving suggestions for beginners. 1 teaspoon in hot water or herbal tea, or Rooibos Tea, just as an example is a good way to start off. Work up from there.

Why take consumption slowly at first?

Coconut oil speeds the metabolism of your body. So just build things up slow and steady. When you don’t feel comfortable feel free to reduce the amount, just like any new food. We can’t provide individual health advice beyond this general guideline.

Another important factor is taste. Your taste for coconut oil may change over time. You might start off with Zenian Extra Light or a jar of Chantal and later decide to try Zenian Fully Fermented or (soon to be released) Ancient Wisdom Fermented oil. But you could also later decide to try Zenian Black Label, after using something else in the past.

If you feel you’re getting bored with one flavour, try another, we have several!

Sri Lankan regular taste:
  • White Gold
  • Ceres

Thailand fermented oil

  • Zenian Fully Fermented (agreeable fermented taste)
Samoan fermented oil
  • Ancient Wisdom – smooth taste, yet fermented for your health’s sake
And that’s just the edible coconut oil!

Why take consumption slowly at first?

Coconut oil speeds the metabolism of your body. So just build things up slow and steady. When you don’t feel comfortable feel free to reduce the amount, just like any new food. We can’t provide individual health advice beyond this general guideline.

Do super models really take coconut oil?

It seems that some of them do. Miranda Kerr, and Angelina Jolie both take virgin coconut oil by mouth.


If you are wondering if you should find out some more about our products and services, take a look at what this customer says.

Email from a satisfied customer:

Have been impressed once again with your exceptional service

“Have been impressed once again with your exceptional service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to family and friends. In fact, shared your web address with my naturopath last week, and she was equally delighted and excited to learn of your existence. Was particularly interested in the fact that you source coconut flour. Like me, she’d been unable to find elsewhere. Wonderful to deal with such good folk as yourselves. Wishing you every success.

Kindest regards,

Lorraine from DunedinLorraine Macmillan, Dunedin

Another frequently asked question

How much coconut oil should I consume each day?

Of course, you may not be ready to dive in and buy something. So what we would like you to do is become familiar with what is available here at this shop. Just remember that we try to be like an old fashioned grocery store, specialising in bulk coconut oil, and full of help. We stand behind our products (with our cheque book!)

Take a look at what one of our customers has to say about our customer service!

The Coconut Oil Shop was more expensive

When I first started buying coconut oil, I tried a few different online suppliers looking for the best price and the best delivery time.I was buying from another provider, but when an order took 9 days, and 3 follow up emails to get me I gave the Coconut Oil Shop online another try. My order arrived the very next day*! Wow! That’s what I call service!

Since then, and many orders later, I have discovered their customer service is nothing short of outstanding! Friendly, prompt, and orders are sent when they say they are sent! I feel like they bend over backwards to ensure I get the best in service, quality and supply. I can recommend them wholeheartedly!!

Thank you so much!

Elizabeth Johnsen knows good service when she gets it! CoconutOilShop.co.nzElizabeth Johnsen, Christchurch

We are certainly not always more expensive. It all depends on what you are buying. All our prices come with free postage and a 90-day Unconditional Taste and Smell Guarantee.

Just remember, we source the best oil available, and bring it to New Zealand. Every week we are approached by hopeful suppliers from around the world! We frequently get samples sent to us.

This is a typical kind of feedback we get about our oil.

“After dealing/still dealing with health issues I have now woken up to go for natural living.
I’m changing my diet and coconut oil is a must and important basic product and I am glad you are doing this job of getting the best in NZ.”

What’s next?

If you are an absolute beginner, start with lesson 1 of our short coconut oil beginners guide “Which Oil”. So take the hint, and click on the red button below.

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