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Are you looking for Coconut Oil in larger packaging?

Big retail chains of shops or even supermarkets have a way of swapping sizes, brands and quality without much consideration for your preferences. Sometimes the brands even change the oil without you realising.

Bulk Coconut Oil NZ explore our product range sizes 200ml to 20L

At the time of writing, which is November 2021, we are phasing out the Ancient Wisdom Oil brand because we have stopped trusting the supplier’s staff. This is part of our quality control and commitment to the “one oil per brand” policy. We do not do this for the Colonel Montmorency brand, but that is clear, and we do not have oil in that brand.

There’s a lot of articles and coconut oil information out there on how unique coconut oil is. It’s discussed on health forums etc, then people go looking for this amazing oil – and there is a confusing range of options. It’s an emotional letdown.

First, here is how to find your way around. (Our number is Ph 03-249-8578)

Unsure about your Bulk Coconut Oil purchase? Feel free to call if you are having trouble locating something. Phone 03-249-8578. If you are unsure how to make a payment to us, a bank deposit is also an option. To open a stubborn lid, follow these instructions, linked here. https://www.coconutoilshop.co.nz/instructions-coconut-oil/

The purpose of this website

The main motivation behind running this site is so that regular Bulk Coconut Oil users who need larger pack sizes have a reliable source of their preferred products. Big chains of shops or even supermarkets have a way of swapping sizes, brands and quality without much consideration for your preferences. We work hard to keep to a standard, even if we can’t always keep packaging sizes consistent every year.

Popular products we supply include Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Creamed Coconut (Coconut Butter), Coconut Milk Powder, Fractionated Coconut Oil MCT Oil).

I can put my payment in your bank account and have the product the next day.

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Why Buy Bulk Coconut Oil at Coconut Oil Shop?

Many people buy Bulk Coconut Oil products through us because they want to buy from a family who has been supplying them or someone they know for years. For some people, it has been over 10 years.

Here are some specific reasons to consider choosing Bulk Coconut Oil Shop and ShySheep.com for your Organic Coconut Oil and products. Because we know our customers by name, and we answer your questions.

  • 800 customer comments and replies and helpful links
  • If something goes wrong with an order, we put it right.
  • We answer the phone or call you back. 03-249-8678
  • No price surprises.
  • Shotover shipping rule
  • Rural delivery is always free.
  • All prices are GST inclusive.
  • We believe we offer the Smiliest Service.
  • 90-day Taste & Smell Unconditional Guarantee.
  • 1st New Zealand multi-brand Coconut Oil website.

And of course, you can’t tell much about our coconut oil from this page. To take a site tour is FREE. So click on the button below to start your naturally healthy journey…

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P. S. When you buy from The Coconut Oil Shop and through Shy Sheep Limited you can enjoy Coconut Confidence.

Yes, you can rely on our 90-Day Taste & Smell Unconditional Guarantee. If you’re not 100% happy, you get your money back.

*Bulk items are sent free. All items $20 or more are sent free, and usually by overnight courier. Overnight shipping is delayed by some rural delivery drivers by up to 2 working days. Some items cannot be dispatched on the same business day.

November 27th 2021: Linked here is a note from Neil, on the current state of our business.

Before you go… Make sure you grab the free guide called Coconut Oil Basics.